Customline Camper Trailer Hire

Such a Simple Camper Trailer

Opens up into a Huge Space

With a Queen Size Bed

And Plenty of Room for 2 Kids

No Brake Controller Required

Looking for Camper Trailer Hire Gold Coast, Byron Bay or Ballina?

ByronCampers offers you the choice of a tough camper trailer as an alternative to our Avan and Jayco Eagle.  The Customline camper trailer is a semi off-road camper that can handle the unsealed roads so common in the Aussie bush.

Any vehicle will tow the camper trailer without difficulty.  There is no need for your vehicle to be fitted with a brake controller, as the tare weight of the camper is below the 750kg limit.

It has a queen size bed and room enough to erect a couple of stretcher beds for the kids.  To extend the useable room, erect the annex that comes with the trailer.

It also comes with a basic kitchen set up with sink and water storage.  We supply a camp stove and gas, gas lantern, table, chairs, all cooking and eating utensils.

Please familiarise yourself with the camper set up as shown in the Youtube video below. I f you have a good idea of how it all works before you head off on your holiday, it will make for a much more enjoyable experience!

And please, plan to arrive at your destination in good time for set up without the pressure of fading light and hungry kids!

Allow at least an hour to set up the camper if it’s your first time.

We are pleased to offer Camper Trailer Hire Gold Coast, Byron Bay or Ballina.

To answer most of your questions, please check out our FAQ section under the video.

Frequently Asked Questions for Camper Trailer Hire Gold Coast

Q. How many people can the camper sleep?
A. The camper trailer has a queen size bed (sitting on top of the box trailer) and plenty of floor space to erect stretchers or put down extra mattresses.  So to define an answer is not easy.  If you add the annex then floor space is increased.  We personally used the camper with our family of 4 and a friend for each of our kids (6 in total).  More than that would be getting a little crowded.  However, add a tent, and you open up a whole lot more possibilities.

Q. What equipment comes with the camper trailer?
A. The Customline camper is equipped with a camp cooker, 2 gas bottles, a gas lantern, seating for 4, table, all plates, cups and cutlery etc, pots and pans, washing up equipment, extension lead for hooking up to a powered site, kitchen sink, all poles, pegs, guy ropes etc for pegging down the canvas and erecting the annex/awning, mattress for the queen size bed.  Pretty much everything you need for a camping holiday other than linen and pillows or extra stretchers/mattresses etc.  If you have any specific requirements, please contact us to discuss.

Q. Can the Customline Camper trailer be taken off-road?
A. The camper trailer is a ‘semi off-road’ trailer … meaning it is OK for made unsealed roads but is not designed for ‘hardcore’ off-roading.  Be aware, that any damage to the camper trailer occurring when the trailer is being towed on unsealed roads, is the responsibility of the hirer and must be fixed by the hirer.  The conditions of hire are contained in our Hire Agreement.

Q. Does the camper trailer come with a fridge?
A. No – not as standard. However, we can provide a gas fridge on request at a small added cost.

Q. How difficult is the Camper Trailer to erect?
A. On our website, we have a short video that runs through the set up procedure.  Please look at this several times before your camping trip.  A few extra minutes watching this video before picking up the trailer could save you heaps of time when you arrive at your campsite.  Allow at least an hour to set up the trailer and if you are planning on using the annex, add some extra time on top of that.  It may not take you anything like this long – depending on past experience etc – but be aware, that it does take a little time.  Plan to be on site well before dark – there is nothing worse than rolling up after sunset and then have to erect an unfamiliar camper trailer! (And we speak from personal experience) 🙂  If you follow the procedures as per the video, it doesn’t involve anything that would preclude any reasonably able-bodied person from successfully erecting the camper-trailer.

Q. Do we have to return the camper to Mullumbimby or do you have drop off sites elsewhere?
A. All of our vans and trailers must come back to our address in Mullumbimby.  If this becomes impossible for any reason, please contact us and discuss.

Q. How do I book?
A. All of our bookings are now made through our partners at Camplify. To book our Customline camper trailer, visit our Camplify listing page, create a free account and make a booking request for your desired dates. If you have any difficulties, please contact us.