Have you ever wanted to be able to tell your friends or write a blog about your amazing caravan journey through Australia? Have you dreamed of experiencing the splendour of Kakadu and Uluru, spending lazy days on the brilliant white sands of far north Queensland, sight-seeing along the spectacular east coast of Tasmania, taking a slow journey through the Barossa Valley in South Australia or just discovering some of the countless hidden gems in Victoria and NSW? Of course you have! Who hasn’t?

So why haven’t you yet turned those dreams into reality?

The two most common obstacles confronting people and preventing them from experiencing their own Amazing Caravan Journey through Australia is having enough time, and having sufficient financial resources.

So let’s look at the first obstacle – time. Very few people are fortunate enough to have the time to make such a journey. After all, there are restrictions imposed by our employment, the kids schooling to consider and who’s going to look after the lawns at home while you’re away?

And then there’s the money. Where are you going to get the cash to purchase your own caravan? Let’s face it, a decent van will set you back at least $20,000. So are you prepared to go into debt? (And that sort of money isn’t going to be buying you a ‘Rolls Royce’ of caravans). And then there’s the fuel, rego, insurance and so forth.

And that’s why most people’s dream of embarking on their own Amazing Caravan Journey through Australia remains just that – a dream. (Well, at least until they are retired and can join the Grey Nomad migrations)!

Don’t despair and don’t give up on that dream! Rob and Amanda from ByronCampers have a few suggestions that may just bring that dream a little closer to reality.

First, let’s take look at the time you may think it takes to undertake your Amazing Caravan Journey through Australia. Most people probably think that an absolute minimum of 3 or 4 months would be necessary for such an adventure.

Have you considered this…..why do you need to do it all at once? Let’s look at this logically. Most working folk will have at least 4 weeks annual holidays a year. Some of you may well be able to ‘lump’ two years’ leave together. So for instance, if you took 2017 holidays in December and 2018 holidays in January, you will have 2 months holidays – more than enough time to undertake a fair bit of that Amazing Caravan Journey through Australia – and all when school finishes for the year too! Even those far flung areas of this enormous continent are ‘do-able’ in 8 weeks. A couple of years later, you can again do the same and see another part of this incredible country.

For some of you, there may even be a little long service leave you can add to your annual holidays! Even just a couple of weeks added to your normal holidays will make an enormous difference to your journey.

So maybe your Amazing Caravan Journey through Australia seems a little closer, right?

Obstacle number 2 – money! Obviously the single biggest monetary cost of undertaking your Amazing Caravan Journey through Australia is purchasing a van. The other costs such as fuel, food, etc, are generally manageable.

So let ByronCampers (www.byroncampers.com.au) help you with this. We already have the vans – so you don’t need to outlay huge money on this big ticket item that you are only going to use 4 weeks a year! No storage problems, no depreciation, no outgoings for insurance, rego and so forth.

ByronCampers has a range of vehicles to suit most people’s needs when it comes to enjoying that Amazing Caravan Journey through Australia. We can supply the roomy Jayco Eagle Camper, the compact and easy to tow Avan aliner or the rugged Customline Camper Trailer. Whatever your needs, we can probably help.

We provide personable, friendly service. Our vehicles are all fully insured and come equipped with everything you will need on your Amazing Caravan Journey through Australia. If you have any special requests for specific equipment we can probably help.

With very reasonable long term hire rates the cost of using one of ByronCampers’ vans is a fraction of the cost to purchase your own.

Give us a call to enquire about how we can help you make your Amazing Caravan Journey through Australia a reality that you and your family will continue to enjoy for years to come.

Go ahead, give Rob or Amanda a call on 0422661621 to discuss your options or go to www.byroncampers.com.au and check out a great range of vehicles. From just $40 a day, you could soon be experiencing your own Amazing Caravan Journey through Australia!


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